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Fourteen-year-old Sybil Harlow wakes to find a door in her bedroom that wasn't there before.

Big brother Avarice calls in the "specialists" - Rusty Halo and his partner

Dacre Knox, two gentlemen claiming to specialise in the unusual. 


They soon find that The Door is like nothing they've encountered before;

what follows is a week of sleeplessness, questions and exposed secrets.

Where is this door from and where might it lead? Rusty Halo means to know,

taking the case with a mind to chase it to an eventual payday,

soon realising it'll cost him more than just his precious time. 

Limited Edition Paperback (Sold Out)

"This is a book of poetry. That's all the warning you're going to get.


These are poems for people who take bites out of their dogs, find appendages poking out of plugholes, murder poets with well-timed silences and live different lives for the duration of each taxi ride. If you feel you can relate, step inside.


You are now morally obliged to read on.

Limited Edition Paperback (Sold Out)

Fight the Sky is a collection of short stories by Wolverhampton-based author, Sinéad Kent. Some are surreal in nature, others tragic, and the rest are downright ridiculous!

Limited Edition Paperback (Sold Out)