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"Layer Three is a contemporary dance exploration of how we become more truly human. As time passes, our experiences create new layers. This process is intimately associated with our growth and development but, sometimes, the new layers squeeze the layers beneath, suffocating them and preventing a truly liberating integration of our whole being.

How would life be, if we could clearly orient ourselves among all of the layers and give each of them the room to breathe?

If we could awaken all of the layers within us and include them in the ever changing, new, now, version of ourselves?

It is this question that we seek to explore and answer through movement and music."

Choreographed by: Kim BormannKieran ShannonSarah Butler

Community Dancers: Alex Bailey | Danielle Thorpe | Eleonore Batteux | Freja Coles

Music By: Marley Starskey Butler

Thank You: Seraina Dejaco | Brian Hackett | Antje Schimanke |​New College Nottingham |Nottingham ContemporarySignature Studios



Poster Image: Antje Schimanke

Selected excerpts from the performance of Layer Three

Video directed, photographed, and edited by Marley Starskey Butler

A behind the scenes look in to the final few days and final few minutes before the performance of Layer Three

Video directed, photographed and edited by Marley Starskey Butler

Photography Antje Schimanke

An event to share two pieces of music by Marley Starskey Butler, with the help from Pena Arts and Chaos Dance Company, to bring them alive visually by integrating art

and dance. Performed at the Déda Theatre, Derby 

Music: Together Alone Opposites


Peña Arts: Sarah Catherine Lucy Paine and Alison Fernandes

Chaos Dance Company: Chris Caffrey | Holly Jones | Inkyung Choung | Katherine Leah Wilkins | James Bartley | Jenny Edwards | Monica Jaklin | Sarah Patchett |

Weronica Kawalek

Video photographed by Gavin Rogers

2012 Collaboration show between Sinead Kent, Marley Starskey Butler and the Derby Uni Dance Collective at the Nottingham Yoga and Wellbeing Festival


Video photographed by Marley Starkey Butler and Sarah Paine

Edited by Marley Starskey Butler

Poster image by Emma Linnane