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Marley Starskey Butler | Freckled


Released 14 February 2014 

Marley Starskey Butler | Music, Vocals and Lyrics
Female Vocal: Ellie

Engineered,  Produced and Mixed by Marley Starskey Butler 
in The Porage Factory 

Cover Design | Marley Starskey Butler

Actress | Sophie Todd


I prefer her early in the morning 
no make-up on her face. 
When there’s sleep in her eyes 
and nothing to hide the grace. 
Her natural beauty is something she doesn’t see, 
30 minutes in the mirror 
Covering up for me. 
She’d rather listen to magazines and tv 
than to the man that loves her unconditionally. 
I tell her 
everyday that she’s beautiful, 
she doesn’t hear, 
She smiles 
and the news travels from ear to ear, 
she doesn’t hear my message as sincere 
so in fear 
she makes her face perfectly clear. 
Her freckles are gone, 
Disconsolate thoughts carry on 
You see them as scars, 
I see them as stars. 
Venus and mars 
floating in space 
My judging creates a wall, 
you tell me you need space to breathe 
and tell me you wont leave 
but say it’s either me 
or your version of me, 
Accept me for who I am 
Respect is free. 

She’s more than he thinks 
She’ll call him tomorrow 
With thoughts on the brink 
Descriptive in sorrow X2 

The very thing you bemoan 
is what caught your eyes 
My freckles were disguised 
And I’m sure you said 
I was beautiful then, 
In 2010 
So what changed? 
My allure? 
It’s strange now you’re more 
of my features 
than before 
So words you ignore. 
memories are indelible 
I’m forever sore 
These scars are not stars 
they’re far from it. 
They remind me of the years 
running home to vomit 
my pain away, 
Hannah and Faye 
played dot to dot on my face 
with permanent markers. 
All I could hear 
Was laughter 
Whilst trapped in a toilet 
I just wanted to scarper. 
Day after day, 
the exact the same routine 
so please don’t talk to me 
about magazines 
and how I’m influenced 
and that it seems 
I’m a sheep to societal dreams 
I’m more than that. 

She’s more than he thinks 
She’ll call him tomorrow 
With thoughts on the brink 
Descriptive in sorrow X2