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Marley Butler & Aokid |

Indelible Notes


Released 14th February 2016 
Vocals & Lyrics by Marley Starskey Butler
Instrumental by Aokid


Vocals | Engineered, and Mixed by Marley Starskey Butler in The Porage Factory

Instrumental Mixed by Aokid



Pay no mind to my indelible notes
I’m passing through, 
rocking all of the boats, 
stealing paddles from quotes.
And I knew within the battles I wrote, 
that there were few if any moments of growth
in those gargantuan oaths.


So when I write, 
do I write for us both?
Does it eschew pain or does it evoke 
an homophilous choke.
All we see in this vision is smoke
Indecision is the popular vote 
in the election of hope.


We're the kind that falls apart to evolve
closing doors so we solve
the mysteries of our souls
and who knows
we may just find the keys to inner resolve,
then step away from inclinations to fold,
facing the chorus of old. 


I’m just talking, 
ignore every thought please.
I freeze when you shine that light in face, 
and encased in every line 
are pictures to trace 
of signs signifying dreams we erased.
Defying all that we chased.