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Marley Starskey Butler |

Insomnias Date

Released 13 September 2013

All music and lyrics, written,
arranged and directed by Marley Starskey Butler.


Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Marley Starskey Butler in The Porage Factory

"I should go to sleep,
I'm tired and wide-awake
with thoughts racing through me peddling and spinning with no breaks.
I think I need a break
before I dive in a lake
that's deep in my mind.
I'm inclined to search and never find
when I'm blind,
seeking clarity in my thoughts,
apparently I exhort
a kind of melancholy state when its late.
Insomnias Date
I'm struggling to shut off,
thoughts running amuck,
Is what I tell myself.
I hope my brain will listen and surround me in a wealth of dreams
so I redeem a token of self, conscious eyes on the shelf,
disguising psyche to melt.
Impel a monodrama

Maybe ill be calmer in the morning,
dispel and harbor in the same breath.
Unless in dreaming an inane quest forces me to wake up In the same mess."