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Kim Bormann

Kim Bormann was born as a natural dancer in the north of Germany. From an early age on she loved expressing herself through movement and kept her family well entertained. Ballet was her first love, which led her onto a variety of styles, such as belly dance, Jazz/Street, Contemporary, Modern and Tap. 


Today Kim is a professional dancer, who trained at the New English Contemporary Ballet College, Nottingham. Since she has worked in a variety of projects and became part of the Contemporary Company “Ampersandance”, where she was able to develop and expand her technical skills and performing energy as a dancer. 


Kim teaches young students and adults to improve their technique, to increase body awareness, to connect with the inner energy flow and to (re)gain health and balance for every day life.   


She also recently discovered the actor in her whilst playing a leading role in a feature film. 

Supported by her love and passion for dance she is slowly understanding more and more how the various arts can work together to produce the complete performer. 

She believes that there is limitless potential within all of us but that we can only gain a true awareness of that potential if we allow openness, if we allow others to influence us, to introduce us to new ideas, to provoke thoughts in us. Then we can contribute and the untapped potential in us fills with meaning. Mutual understanding and truly collaborative creation is then possible.



D.O.B: 23.8.1984
Hometown: Bremerhaven, Germany

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