Leela and the Spaceship

Active 2008 to 2010

Leela and the Spaceship were a Derby based band that existed as a three, four, five, then six piece for two years. The band later became a four piece and continued to gig and record. This represents the first two years, and the self titled EP they released under the Naplew Productions imprint. 


Cedric Monzali / Drums 
Hayley Ford / Clarinet 
Jamie Osbourne / Voice 
Josh Elliot / Guitar & Backing vocals 
Marley Starskey  Butler / Bass & Electronics 

Shaun Gannon / Guitar 


"This is a band I was part of from 2008 to 2010, I recorded this EP before leaving the band. Recorded on the Woodpile Unit in my bedroom with my bed on its side to fit the drums in, was hella fun!. we had a good run, this ep is a good representation of that two year period, I am really proud of this music, the best first band I could ever ask for." Marley Starskey Butler