Marley Starskey Butler

D.O.B: 30/10/1987

Hometown: Wolverhampton, England

"Birmingham based, raised by Wolverhampton, nurtured by Derby, born in Leeds. I make art, in particular; audio, visual and performance works. My work is about opposites, parallels, memory, love, loss, mortality, and the politics of belonging within self and in society.


I did not always perceive myself as an artist. In the beginning I was using the tools of art for purely therapeutic practice, in which sharing with an audience had no solid place. Due to these beginnings my artistic life has also become about the tension between sharing and wanting to left alone. To be inclusive of my work or to shut people out. Moving away from solipsism to the world's sounds, tortures and soft blankets of nails, living for the process of expression and curiosity.


My concurrent role as a Social Worker alongside my upbringing, life, and my ‘social identity' keeps me tied to the lives, stories and experiences of the underrepresented, and undervalued members of society. The German romantic Novalis said to become a human being is art. I agree with him."