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Alice Kell | International Women's Day Art Activity | My Mother Taught Me 

Photographed and Edited by Marley Butler | Music by Marley Butler

Anti-Austerity Demo | Birmingham

Demonstration in Birmingham on the day of the George Osborne's Emergency Budget of more austerity, cuts, job losses and privatisation

Supported by Birmingham Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition.


Organised by Youth Fight For Jobs


Photographed and edited by Marley Butler.

Carl Chinn | The Library of Birmingham

Carl Chinn speaks at the rally against cuts to the Library of Birmingham on the 7th February 2015. 

Friends of the of Library of Birmingham



Photographed and edited by Marley Starskey Butler.

Assistant | Keanu Keen

Busface | What I've Learned On Buses Ep. 1 | PILOT

Web Series Pilot by Eleanor Rushton