Sagan Lane were the collaborative duo of Marley Starskey Butler and Sarah Bilodeau.

Sarah met Marley when emigrating from Monreal Canada.

They made and released a full length album called Funambule in 2010 and 2011. 


"At times, for me, the textures of Funambule recall the moods of Aphex Twin’sRichard D. James Album, but its atmospheres are very much its own, and it is both a more serious work, and despite its highly technological nature, a more organic one.There’s a very fertile chemistry at work between the two collaborators who produced this recording, which succeeds in expressing some challenging and thought provoking meanings without bludgeoning the listener: instead they are lulled into a receptive state, and the music’s uncanny, astringent aesthetic smuggles its subversion past the listener’s dormant preconceptions. Beautifully oblique, and obliquely beautiful." Oliver Ardity

Sagan Lane

Active 2010 to 2011